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We collaborate with your engineers to develop cost-effective solutions tailored to your cartridge design.

If you’re designing a system and are looking for breakthrough microfluidic chips to improve your assay, give us a call at +1 (919) 537‑9753, or send us an email to get the conversation started.

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February 3-7 SLAS. San Diego, CA. Request a meeting at SLAS.
February 11-16 Molecular Med TRI-CON. San Francisco, CA. Request a meeting at TRI-CON.
February 20th STRATEC Symposium, San Francisco, CA. Request a meeting at STRATEC.
February 27-28
 CED Life Science. Raleigh, NC. Request a meeting at CED Life Science.
May 22-24 Molecular Diagnostics Europe. Lisbon, Portugal. More Info. 
June 5-6 LOAC-Europe. Rotterdam, The Netherlands. More Info.
July 29-Aug 2 AACC. Chicago, IL. More Info.
August 20-24 Next Generation Dx. Washington, DC More Info.
October 1-3 LOAC. San Diego, CA  More Info.
October 13-16 AABB. Boston, MA  More Info.
November 1-3 AMP. San Antonio, TX More Info.
November 12-15 MEDICA. Dusseldorf, Germany More Info.


Latest news:

PRESS RELEASE – MXR now available for microfluidic ChipShop products

microfluidic ChipShop GmbH today announced that its products are now available with MXR, the world’s fastest, most adaptable microfluidic mixing chip. By adding MXR to microfluidic ChipShop products, assays can benefit from mixing when, where, and how they need it. Thanks to its unique, pop-in design, MXR offers easy integration with any product in the ChipShop catalogue.

Designing cartridges: custom or off-the-shelf?

We recently had the pleasure of collaborating with the talented folks at Fusion Biotec to write a short piece looking at how diagnostics development is changing. Our primary observation: microfluidic technologies are maturing, and that means more pre-built and...

Why we invented MXR

We recently announced our first product, MXR. It's the first microfluidic mixer specifically designed for diagnostic consumables. As anyone who has developed a small-volume assay knows, microfluidic mixing is a universal problem in our industry. Mixing is so obviously...


We collaborate with your engineers to develop cost-effective solutions tailored to your cartridge design. Contact us to get started.

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