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Make any chamber a mixing chamber.

Our microfluidic chips integrate with your existing cartridge design.
It’s never been easier to add advanced microfluidic technology to your diagnostic consumable.

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Why we invented MXR

We recently announced our first product, MXR. It's the first microfluidic mixer specifically designed for diagnostic consumables. As anyone who has developed a small-volume assay knows, microfluidic mixing is a universal problem in our industry. Mixing is so obviously...

PRESS RELEASE – Redbud Labs announces MXR

Redbud Labs has released MXR, a microfluidic chip that accelerates molecular assays by up to 10x. Designed specifically for point-of-care diagnostics, MXR can be added to virtually any cartridge design, thanks to a patent-pending pop-in design. To learn more, visit

Welcome to the new

We're excited to be rolling out an all-new website, designed from the ground up to tell the world how to speed up diagnostic assays with our easy-to-integrate chip. We’re loading up the site with detailed information about why microfluidic mixing is so challenging,...


We collaborate with your engineers to develop cost-effective solutions tailored to your cartridge design. Contact us to get started.

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