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Redbud Labs is pioneering the development of cartridge-ready™ microfluidic components. Our innovative chip designs translate seamlessly from discovery to diagnostic. Use them during your earliest days of assay development, and you’ll see the same performance when you transition to a fully integrated microfluidic consumable.

Our core technology are the patented Redbud Posts™, which enable our our cartridge-ready components to deliver unmatched microfluidic performanceRedbud Posts are a type of artificial cilia. These microscopic structures, patterned on silicone film, move in the presence of magnetic fields. Redbud Posts induce microscale agitation that defeat diffusion kinetics and laminar flow, enabling faster, more sensitive assays.

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RTP NC 27709

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Redbud Labs, headquartered in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, manufactures breakthrough components for life science industry, intended to solve the industry’s ubiquitous microscale fluidic challenges.

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