STR is a solid-phase affinity sorter chip ideally suited for use in microfluidic cartridges. Perform sample prep in cartridge-based assays to gain superior performance.

Batch Mode
Microfluidic Integration
Pick-and-place Assembly



On-cartridge sample prep has to be fast. STR is the fastest affinity sorting solution for microfluidic cartridges. With a fill volume of just a few microliters, STR concentrates the analyte as it is captured, ensuring maximum signal-to-noise. 


Sample prep tools–including microfuge tubes and magnetic beads–are not amenable to cartridge development. STR is a cartridge-ready solution from the earliest days of assay development, through cartridge integration, and into production.

STR enables immuno-capture of analytes from complex samples such as whole blood. With a wide range of sample capacity (uL to mL) and target size (nm to microns), STR works in a variety of applications, from discovery to diagnostic.

Minimize risks while streamlining assay development from discovery to diagnostic.