Dr. Spero presents at LOAC & Microfluidics

Jun 30, 2019 | Events, Past Events

Dr. Richard Spero presented a talk entitled An Open Platform for Microfluidic Sample Prep on Tuesday June, 18th in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Developing a new lab-on-chip device is inherently risky. The best way to mitigate technical risk is to prototype each step in the assay using cartridge-compatible methods before assembling the full analytic chain into a single cartridge. Modules exist that enable prototyping of many assay operations, such as reagent storage, mixing, droplet generation, fluid handling, and analyte detection. Development of cartridge-compatible sample prep, however, remains a major challenge. Methods that are ubiquitous at the bench, such as magnetic beads and centrifugation, translate poorly to cartridge formats. Meanwhile, microfluidic sample prep methods are generally proprietary and challenging to customize. We present an open platform for microfluidic sample prep that aims to deliver for lab-on-a-chip developers what magnetic beads enabled in the development of traditional lab assays.

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